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Outboard Races

Top O'Michigan Outboard Marathon National Boat Races


The Top O’Michigan Outboard Marathon National Boat Races will be held at the Inland Water Route on Saturday August 13th, & Sunday August 14th, 2022. For those that are unfamiliar with this race, here is a brief description. The 87-mile marathon was first run on the Inland Route in 1947 and has taken place pretty much every year since. Among racers, the Inland Route has become a legend and draws drivers from all across the nation, and sometimes even internationally from places like Canada, Japan, Bermuda, South Africa and Ecuador.


Race Dates: Always the second weekend of August

Registration: Friday, the day before the start of the race

Race: Noon -2 P.M.

Start at DeVoe Beach Indian River each day

Saturday to Cheboygan and back, Sunday to Conway and back


The course covers the entire route from Cheboygan to Conway over 2 days. Although the rivers are closed to pleasure boats for the 2 hours while the race is taking place, the lakes remain as normal, so a large number of boats congregate near the river entrances for viewing the race. Great views are enjoyed by spectators all along each of the rivers as well. Being a “marathon”, the race is held in all conditions; there are no “rain checks.”Challenging course conditions of many types and equipment malfunction are some of the obstacles to be overcome by drivers. The boats are 10ft or 12ft wooden or fiberglass with different types of motors.  The motor size decides which class you are competing in, A class, 15 class, 25 SSR, C or D classes. If you’ve never experienced this Northern Michigan August tradition, you should make it a point to take it in!

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