Outboard Races

Top O'Michigan Outboard Marathon National Boat Races


The Top O’Michigan Outboard Marathon National Boat Races will be held at the Inland Water Route on Saturday August 10th, & Sunday August 11th, 2019. For those that are unfamiliar with this race, here is a brief description. The 87-mile marathon was first run on the Inland Route in 1947 and has taken place pretty much every year since. Among racers, the Inland Route has become a legend and draws drivers from all across the nation, and sometimes even internationally from places like Canada, Japan, Bermuda, South Africa and Ecuador.


Race Dates: Always the second weekend of August

Registration: Friday, the day before the start of the race

Race: Noon -2 P.M.

Start at DeVoe Beach Indian River each day

Saturday to Cheboygan, Sunday to Conway


The course covers the entire route from Cheboygan to Conway over 2 days. Although the rivers are closed to pleasure boats for the 2 hours while the race is taking place, the lakes remain as normal, so a large number of boats congregate near the river entrances for viewing the race. Great views are enjoyed by spectators all along each of the rivers as well. Being a “marathon”, the race is held in all conditions; there are no “rain checks.”Challenging course conditions of many types and equipment malfunction are some of the obstacles to be overcome by drivers.Currently 2 types of boats participate in the event with the 10 or 12 foot stock runabouts, and the 2-man inflatable tunnel boats. If you’ve never experienced this northern Michigan August tradition, you should make it a point to take it in!

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